Sisucas Boutique is born because of love. It all started from Finnish Lapland in September 2014, where Finnish girl and Swiss boy met. One thing led to another and Sisucas Boutique was born in June 2018.

Our mission

Sisucas Boutique is a marketplace for small, high-quality brands, with excellent products finished with interesting design. Also, we share the same values like respecting and caring other people and the environment, supporting sustainable choices with small actions in everyday life. We love beauty and we find that anywhere, anytime.

Beauty and wellbeing

We get pleasure from small things, like enjoying a really nice cup of tea in summer morning in a balcony listening birds singing, or cross-country skiing in Lapland in total silence in a sunny winter day. Picking that plastic bottle from the nature and put in to trash container. Saying a compliment to a stranger or a friend. We enjoy taking care about our skin with products which indulge the skin and are so natural and pure that could eat them… We are sure that taking care of yourself is not vain, but a privilege we can allow to ourselves. We know that beauty and wellbeing go hand in hand in life.

These products and brands we want to present to You. They are unique, beautiful, functional and add beauty & wellbeing to your life.
We hope You enjoy them as much as we do.