INARI – MIDSUMMER MAGIC Moisture Boost 30 ml

CHF 108.00 TTC


The luxury Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost is a natural source of moisture for optimal care of normal and dry skin. The nourishing anti-ageing organic facial cream deeply hydrates the skin and with the Arctic Blend protecting it from free radicals.

The secret of the Midsummer Magic Moisture Boost
Containing Arctic lingonberry seed oil Moisture Boost soothes the skin, helps to maintain moisture and to firm the skin. Furthermore, the Arctic lingonberry seed oil is proven to moderate pigmentation, strengthen the natural skin barrier and make it smooth and supple. This rejuvenating moisturizer nourishes the skin gently and smoothly and ensures a healthy, fresh look.
Especially during the cooler months, this rich moisturizer is ideal for normal and dry skin. Extreme temperature changes, heated indoor areas and the cold, dry air outside strain the skin and dry it out very quickly. Resorting to richer creams like Moisture Boost helps to avoid dry skin during the winter season.

Derived from six selected wild Arctic plant extracts this nourishing facial cream is rich in natural antioxidants. Antioxidants act as radical scavengers, protecting the skin from oxidative stress. The result is a skin structure of which the regeneration is supported by plant-based natural ingredients thus working against premature ageing caused by environmental influences like pollution.
The fresh and supple texture comes with a naturally luxury fresh scent. Ideal to use in combination with the Midsummer Magic Lifting Serum. Layering it under the Moisture Boost it unfolds its high-quality hyaluronic acid complex. The result is a perfectly groomed skin that is fully protected against oxidative stress and dehydration.

All INARI products are:
100% natural
suitable for every skin type
scientifically tested
produced environmentally friendly
vegan & cruelty free