Sisucas Boutique is a marketplace for small, high-quality brands, with excellent products finished with interesting design and sisu value. Also, we share the same values like respecting and caring other people and the environment, supporting sustainable choices with small actions in everyday life. We love beauty and we find that anywhere, anytime.


Sisu is a very old Finnish word for descriping inner force and the national character of Finns. Courage, perseverance, boldness, that is sisu.

Sisucas is a person who has «the sisu» inside and will conquer the obstacles and keep going no matter what.

Sisucas Boutique has a Finnish roots but we think that «sisu» belongs to everybody. That is why we encourage people find their inner sisu whenever needed and never give up. We all have moments in our lives where an extra courage and persistance is needed. Use your inner sisu in everyday life and achieve whatever you want, finish whatever you have started but dont give up. With sisu it is possible to conquer the unlikely.

OUR promise to you

All the products and brands we present You are unique, beautiful, functional and add sisu to your life. They are made with love respecting You, others and the nature. All the brands have an interesting story behind them and got this factor which gives the user a little bit of sisu whenever using them. We all need some sisu in our lives. We all have it inside us, it just has to be found.

Be sisucas.